Small Group Sports Performance or General Fitness Training

Training Options

4 to 1 Individualized Training Program

Initial Evaluation/Assessment = $30 one time fee Saturdays 9am – 1pm please call to schedule
1 Day per week = $140/Month Monday-Friday 3pm to 9pm
2 Days per week = $200/Month Monday-Friday 3pm to 9pm
Unlimited = $325/Month Monday-Friday 3pm to 9pm

Personal Training

$90 per 1 Hour Session Offered: Case by Case Basis

Take Home Programs

$100 per Month Offered: Case by Case Basis
You receive 1 Personal Training Session Per Month, Monthly Training Program, Monthly Nutrition
Program, Unlimited Emails

4 to 1 Training Program FAQs

Can anyone take advantage of the 4 to 1 training programs? Yes, anyone over the age of 8 can join
these sessions. All programs are customized to the individuals in the session. Example: There could
be a 12-year-old baseball player, 20-year-old female lacrosse player and 41-year-old personal training
client all in the same session with their own programs customized by our Professionals Coaches.

What are the rules to take advantage of the 4 to 1 program? The basic rules are that the clients must
be registered and schedule every session they join. Only 1 session per day is allowed. There is a 24-
hour cancellation/No show policy. This program is also on a weekly basis, which means there are no
“carry-overs” for missed sessions. You can upgrade, downgrade or freeze your package at any time by
providing a 30-day notice.