Jeff Dube
Jeff DubeDirector of Sports Performance

Jeff Dube – Director of Sports Performance Training

With over 17 years of experience in the
health and human performance industry, Coach Dube has had the
pleasure of working with over 10,000 clients in the areas of: Sports /
Fitness / Health


Athlete’s he has worked with range from 7 to 70 years old.
Sometimes it’s an 8-year old’s learning what their bodies can do, or a
teenager who shot into a growth spurt and may need a realignment
between their mind and body, or possibly the elite young adult looking to
surpass their current athletic potential and perform at a higher level.
The key is to customize the training to the individual needs. People
always ask so here it is: He has worked with pro athletes from most
every American pro sport (NFL, NBA, MLB, MLL, NHL, MLS, and PGA
Tour). These are the 1%ers. Focus on being 1% better today than you
were yesterday!


The general public has also played a VITAL role in his
professional development. Fitness for most, is simple weight loss,
strength gain or a physic reboot with muscle tone, decrease body fat and
conditioning. This is easily the most confusing part of this industry, do
NOT just work out. Train with a purpose!


Coach Dube does NOT lump health and fitness together.
Some clients need health coaches, not just someone to work them out a
few days per week. These clients are more clinical and may need to
lower their blood pressure, cholesterol, stress and anxiety or even have a
medical condition that requires exercise prescribed specifically for them.


Currently working of his PhD in Health and Human
Performance, you can trust Coach Dube will be getting you the most
effective, safe, cutting edge, professional training the Greater
Philadelphia Area has to offer.

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