Want more Speed? Power? Lose a couple lbs?


Human Performance Training is now being offered here at On Deck Training Center! Work with a professional strength and conditioning specialist to customize a program for your needs. Space is limited to ensure your individualized attention. Ages 8 years and older are welcomed to this program! Parents and guest, you are welcomed too!

Customized Training for YOUR needs!

As low as $17 per session!


Monday - Friday

  • 3pm — Power & Strength
  • 4pm — Speed & Quickness
  • 5pm — Power & Strength
  • 6pm — Speed & Quickness
  • 7pm — Power & Strength
  • 8pm — Speed & Quickness
  • Saturday (TBD)

(Note: 4 x per week is the MOST recommend for this program)

Schedule Online!